taifun vacuum conveying cattle line taifun vacuum conveying cattle line equipment
Taifun vacuum conveying equipment highlighted in the left.


Possibilities for Taifun Vacuum Conveying Systems on Cattle Processing Line

1. Cleaning floors and machinery using central vacuum cleaning system

2. Collecting drip blood from the bleeding area

3. Head masks (high risk)

4. Blood and trimmings from transfer area

5. Genitals and tail end

6. Skin (separate system)

7. Blood from head removal (high risk)

8. Saw dust (high risk)

9. Spinal cord removal (high risk)

10. Trimmings from organ removal

11. Fat removal from carcass

12. Fat removal from carcass

13. Restfat

14. Pluck fat from pluck sorting room

15. Gut fat from gut room

16. Trimmings and neck cleaning

17. Carcass cleaning

18. Small trimmings from carcass inspection

19. Organ inspection to high risk offal

20. Livers for pet food from organ inspection

21. Intestines to high risk offal


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