We have installed food waste management and grease conveying systems to marine galleys; cruise ships, passenger ferries, naval ships, offshore vessels and luxury yachts. Deliveries have included following elements: from 3 to 12 suction funnels, shredders, crushers, vacuum piping, food waste tanks, dewatering units and automatic washing systems.

Taifun vacuum conveying technology offers an efficient and hygienic solution and high standards of safety and ergonomics. Waste is transferred in a closed pipework directly away from ship galleys - ensuring that organic waste is not stored close to clean food processing areas and eliminating unwelcome odours and potential hygiene hazards. Taifun vacuum conveying system is also environmentally friendly and has a low energy consumption.

Selected referencies in marine galleys

M/S Carnival Holiday – Cruise ship
M/S Carnival Jubilee – Cruise ship
M/S Carnival Legend – Cruise ship
M/S Carnival Miracle – Cruise ship
M/S Carnival Pride – Cruise ship
M/S Carnival Spirit – Cruise ship
M/S Costa Atlantica – Cruise ship
M/S Costa Mediterranea – Cruise ship
M/S Cruise Barcelona – Passenger ferry
M/S Cruise Europa – Passenger ferry
M/S Cruise Olympia – Passenger ferry
M/S Cruise Roma – Passenger ferry
M/S Europalink – Passenger ferry
M/S Finnlady – Passenger ferry
M/S Finnmaid – Passenger ferry
M/S Finnstar – Passenger ferry
M/S Fram – Cruise ship
Undisclosed offshore cargo ship
M/S Nordlink – Passenger ferry
M/S Norilsk Nickel – Offshore Cargo ship
M/S P1 – Offshore barge
Undisclosed offshore cargo ship
M/S Royal Iris – Passenger ferry
M/S Viking XPRS – Passenger ferry
Undisclosed luxury yacht
Undisclosed luxury yacht
Undisclosed giga yacht
Privilege yard (Italy)




Taifun Marine Galleys2

Hygienic, fast and ergonomic vacuum conveying system for food waste, also at Marine galleys.


Taifun selected references



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