Hygienic, fast and erconomic vacuum conveying solution for waste and by-products in the pig processing lines.

taifun vacuum conveying pig2 taifun vacuum conveying pig2 eguipment
Taifun vacuum conveying equipment highlighted in the left.


Possibilities for Taifun Vacuum Conveying Systems on Pig Processing Line

1. Cleaning floors and machinery using central vacuum cleaning system
2. Collecting blood from the bleeding area
3. Disposal of hair from the dehairing machine
4. Disposal of pig toenails and the conveyance of feet to further processing
5. Removal of waste from the bung dropping unit
6. Disposal of ear canal/Conveyance of eyes
7. Disposal of genitals
8. Collecting of waste trimmings and blood from floor troughs
9. Trimmings from removal of white organs
10. Trimmings from removal of red organs
11. Conveyance of ears to further processing or the disposal of ears and eyes
12. Removal of sawdust from floor trough
13. Sawdust extraction directly from the saw blade with periodic disposal via waste systems
15. Conveyance of leaflard to the refrigeration room
16. Restfat removal unit linked to the fat collection or waste disposal system
17. Spinal cord and brain extraction unit linked to the waste disposal system
18. Conveyance of diaphragm trimmings to be processed for human consumption or pet food
19. Conveyance of condemned organs to waste
20. Conveyance of organs for pet food
21. Conveyance of white organs to the gut room for further processing
22. Conveyance of seam trimmings to be processed for human consumption or pet food
23. Removal of rejected parts from carcasses
24. Cleaning the floor of waste particles with floor suction points with integrated drains for water
25. Final inspection and weighing
26. Stomach contents to waste
27. Condemned white organs to waste
28. Waste from gut cleaning machine


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