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MariMatic's Taifun® hygienic vacuum conveying for food industry and vacuum cleaning systems are designed for industrial use, responding to the requirements of the food processing industry for collecting and conveying different types of materials, ranging from waste, by-products and raw material to final edible products. Taifun solutions for handling waste and by-products are both highly efficient and hygienic, and offer excellent safety and ergonomics as well.

Vacuum Conveying systems have been supplied for fish processing plants, abattoirs, poultry processing plants, vegetable processing plants, professional kitchens, ship galleys and other industries in over 40 countries. You can find our references under each solution category. 

Red Meat
Professional kitchen










• Increased hygiene and food safety
• More revenue by turning by-products into sellable products
• More efficient working and logistics
• Handling of demanding materials
• Ergonomic, safe and hygienic working facilities
• Environmentally friendly solutions
• Fully integratable, scalable and convertible solutions according to customer's needs

Check out also MetroTaifun® Automated Solid Waste Collection solutions for subterranean conveyance of solid municipal waste, both commercial waste and household waste.

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