In Taifun's hygienic vacuum conveying system for food industry, the vacuum is generated most often by using two alternative technologies. MariMatic's air driven ejector units provide rapid vacuum generation with a minimum of maintenance. Our vacuum blower units offer large capacity without limits for the system size and are proven even in the transportations of municipal waste in large cities. MariMatic is a comprehensive supplier for waste and by-product logistics.

Smart and hygienic Taifun technology

  • Save energy by several options for vacuum conveying
    • - automatic discharge either by level-control or by auto call
    • - manually operated manual discharge
  • Piping installed on the ceiling
    • - saves space in the production area, compared to belt conveying systems
    • - is easy to be rearranged according to the changing needs of the production facilities
    • - can be retrofitted it into an already operative slaughterhouses and kitchens
    • - vacuum conveying vs blowguns - no risks with high pressure
  • Continuous product flow - no splashing or overflows to the floor
  • Automatic rinsing after every processing day
  • Vacuum conveying of edible products with the patented CIP washing solution
  • Scalable system for customer's needs
  • Easy to install, integration to customer's food processing equipment
  • Low running and maintenance costs annually
  • Reliable, stainless steel equipment

Technical possibilities

Taifun collects materials with suction points and conveys them through the pipeline up in the ceiling.

Brochure: Taifun for the Food Industry

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