Simple yet innovative techniques. To become a subcontractor for large cruise line companies and the best shipyards in the world is not an easy task. MariMatic has succeeded in this because of its innovative concept, vacuum conveying technology. MariMatic delivers all essential core equipment for hygienic food waste conveying technology linked to marine galleys, the reference requirements are very strict. Around 1,000 vacuum conveying systems have been supplied to customers in many different business sectors.

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Brochure: Green Ship Concept, Vacuum Conveying and Passenger Safety



Along with reliability, hygiene is the number one priority for the food industry and in professional kitchens. The efficient and safe processing of waste and by-products is an integral part of this. Taifun vacuum conveying technology offers an efficient and hygienic solution and high standards of safety and ergonomics.

Hygiene regulations require that food and waste must not come into contact at any stage. Achieving this is simple with Taifun's vacuum conveying systems as waste is simply transferred in a closed pipework directly away from work areas - ensuring that organic waste is not stored close to clean food processing areas and eliminating unwelcome odours and potential hygiene hazards.


The food waste management conveying system

Traditional food waste management transport system comprised several pulpers and a double slurry pipe working together with an economiser water tank. The vacuum system maintenance is significantly easier than that of the pulper system. The vacuum system is less complex, has less moving parts and has a fully automatic pipeline washing system.

The vacuum system developed by MariMatic offers an improved level of hygiene as the slurry waste system is eliminated. Thus, any pipe failure or leakage will result in air being sucked into the system rather than what can be unpleasant liquid into service and public spaces. The vacuum system also allows much more flexibility in arranging pipes throughout the areas. The garbage is fed directly into the vacuum system, and there is no cross contamination between clean and soiled operations.

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