HKScan is the leading Nordic food company based in Finland. The company has built a new Rauma-based production facility specializing in poultry products with the processing capacity of 13,500 birds per hour. MariMatic® Oy delivered a Taifun® Vacuum Conveying System to automate the conveying of by-products and offals in HKScan’s new Rauma-based production plant. An automated collection and transfer of different materials with vacuum conveying technology enhances the logistics in the production facilities.

MariMatic has developed the Taifun Vacuum Conveying System especially for the collection, and transfer of different materials in the food industry, where high level of hygiene and food and working safety are particularly important. The system ensures clean working facilities, when the materials will be collected immediately from the working points to the closed pipeline, where strong vacuum air flow conveys them with a velocity of 15 meters / second, to separate collection units located typically at a distance of 100 – 300 meters.

An innovative and flexible solution was required for HKScan's demanding needs. MariMatic developed the optimal solution for the production facility; rapid product development has always been one of the cornerstones in our operations,” explains Ismo Viitanen, VP Sales & Projects at MariMatic.

Taifun Vacuum Conveying System is well-established in leading the market in vacuum conveying solutions, which automate and control the transport of by-products and offal. It is the only solution in the market, which can convey edible products with its hygienic CIP washing feature. Taifun system’s suction points are installed on the floor integrated to the production equipment, so the collection of materials operate efficiently. Pipes rise up to the ceiling and the system can be easily rearranged according to the changing needs of the production facilities, or to retrofit it into an already operative food production facilities.

MariMatic Ltd is a Finnish, privately owned high-tech company and part of MariGroup. MariMatic has developed leading vacuum conveying systems since 1983 and has provided almost 1,000 systems for various industries in over 40 countries. Taifun is in use in poultry processing plants e.g. in Almarai Co in Saudi-Arabia, Amadori in Italy, Dunn-Rite Food Products Ltd. in Canada, Farmers Pride, Inc. in USA, Kronfågel AB in Sweden, Miratorg in Russia, Mironovsky Khleboproduct in Ukraina, MoyPark in Ireland and also Wipasz S.A. in Poland.

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