The production of fish products was streamlined with Taifun vacuum conveying system at Trio Trading

Oy Trio Trading Ab is Finland’s leading importer of Nordic fish and shellfish. The company wants to help people eat healthier and feel better by always offering better-quality seafood products and novelties. The company imports and exports all seafood reliably and flexibly to their customers. The operations also include the filleting of salmon and the packing of crabs. The customers include Finnish central firms, seafood retailers and wholesaler.


Solution for transferring by-products and ice automatically

The production volumes grew at Trio Trading and also the amounts of by-products was increased. The company was looking for a solution to transport by-products hygienically. Also, a more efficient solution for transferring the ice that comes with the fishes was needed to replace the waste bins.

The company was convinced during a reference visit that Taifun vacuum conveying system works reliably, so it was chosen to streamline the transfer of by-products and ice.


Work safety was improved and productivity increased

In the fish industry, the food must be processed quickly and hygienically because it is a perishable foodstuff. The cleanliness of Trio Trading's production facilities improved because the materials are collected immediately from the production line into the collecting points and automatically moved forward along the pipeline.

When manual work is no longer needed for material transfer on the production area, more space was released as the amount of waste bins was reduced. Also the premises became safer for employees, especially when sharp filleting knives are being used when working at the production line.

A major advantage for the business was that production lines may be running longer because the final cleaning requires less time than before. In addition to the transport of by-products, the system transfers ice directly to the ice-melting room, where the defrosting takes place with waste heat.

"Taifun has helped to improve the cleanliness of work spaces and eliminate manual work in material transfer. As the production process became more effective, we can supply our customers with even higher quality and safer products. We recommend the Taifun system to other food processing companies as well. "
Markus Kangasvieri, Quality Manager, Oy Trio Trading Ab


Vacuum conveying Taifun suction point fish processing

Taifun suction point at fish processing area for collecting by-products.












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