MariMatic delivered Taifun® Vacuum Conveying Solution for Professional Kitchens to Evolution Tower in Moscow. The spiralling 246-meter office building is located in the heart of the Moscow City high-rise business district. In 2015 the Evolution Tower was nominated 2nd world’s best skyscraper in Emporis Skyscraper Award.

Taifun® solution consists of 16 suction points, a crusher unit and a food waste collection tank with vacuum pumps, a crusher and an automation unit. It serves restaurants located in the ground floors.

No burden for the Moscow city’s drainage network!

The futuristic Evolution Tower is the most modern, environmentally friendly skyscraper: 24/7 peak loads of food waste - yet no burden for the Moscow city’s drainage network. Annual reduction is over 211 tons of greasy food waste in Moscow’s drainage network!

evolution tower waste management
Taifun® suction points, piping and central food waste tank located in the ground floors of the building.

evolution tower food waste management
Suction points for wet waste are located in the kitchen facilities. Separators, pumps and waste tank for wet waste form a closed food waste system, which is not loading the city’s drainage network.

Evolution Tower facts

Daily visitors 4,500
Floors 53, 246 metres tall
Square metres 169,000
Lifts 17
Special The building is “swirled” by more than 150°, each floor being rotated 3° relative to the previous one.

Taifun® capabilities

Food waste 580 kg, 2.8 m3/day
Food waste suction points 16
Build up 2018

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