Tripla in Central Pasila, Helsinki, Finland is a gigantic construction project – a total of three blocks of offices, a shopping mall, apartments, hotels, cultural premises, a public transport terminal and car parking facilities.

MariMatic® implemented both MetroTaifun® for solid waste and Taifun® for food waste in the area. This novel solution will serve both the shopping mall, the office block and the surrounding residential areas. MetroTaifun® takes care of collecting mixed waste, paper and cardboard in the business premises. In the residential area, also bio waste and plastic is collected with MetroTaifun®. Restaurants in Tripla shopping mall use Taifun® to collect wet food waste.

The operation of the system started in autumn 2019. The renewed Central Pasila area will have 5.000 inhabitants and 13.000 jobs – enjoying the largest shopping mall in Finland and it’s clean and fresh surroundings.

MetroTaifun & Taifun capabilities:

Waste fractions: Mixed waste, cardboard, paper, plastic, biowaste + wet biowaste in shopping mall restaurants
Chutes systems: In office buildings and future highrise buildings
Pipeline length: A few km in total
In operation: 2019

tripla waste management

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