MariMatic has been awarded with a new Taifun® vacuum conveying line for Miratorg Bryansk’s poultry processing plant to meet the new line speed record 15 000 birds per hour. The new line will vacuum convey 2 tons of material per hour with a transportation distance of 300 meters.

Company Miratorg is one of the technology leaders in Europe for poultry and red meat processing plants and the new system is already 6th vacuum conveying line in their Bryansk-factory.

At same time all the existing Taifun® Vacuum Conveying Lines will increase their speed to 15 000 BPH and it’s Taifun vacuum conveying systems will transport in total 14 000 kg/h.


Taifun® capabilities:

Food waste:
Inedible 6.000 kg/h, edible 8.100 kg/h
Suction points: 19
Systems: 6 with Taifun® air driven ejectors
In use since: 2014
Special: Taifun system for MDM residue (bone cake) with a conveying distance of 300 m

miratorg poultry

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