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Taifun® Vacuum Conveying offers centralized food waste collection concept for large industrial kitchens and food courts in airports, entertainment centers, stadiums, shopping malls and marine galleys. Kitchen operators can concentrate on food production and customers, while food waste is vacuum conveyed automatically to the common waste tank from where it is easily transported for further reproduction to enhance recycling.

Taifun® is designed for industrial use, fulfilling the requirements of the food processing industry. Solutions are highly efficient and hygienic, enabling fast transfer of waste from the food working points and preventing bacteria from spreading in the kitchens. Taifun® offers also excellent safety and ergonomics for the staff.

Taifun® features

haccp Taifun• Suction points can be integrated by 3D-modeling
• Average 1 - 30 suction points for food courts
• Piping diameter between DN50 and DN300
• Simple suction points for pantries and cafeterias
• Crushers made of stainless steel with minimum of wearing parts
• Vacuum generation with maximum efficiency
• 80% efficiency for dewatering press
• Stainless steel holding tanks
• On-line units


Height 1780 mm
Width 2300 mm
Depth 790 mm

Height 1795 mm
Width 2210 mm
Depth 940 mm

Height 2000 mm
Width 2100 mm

Height 950 mm
Width 1165 mm
Depth 580 m

Height 3980 mm

Height door open 1428 mm
Width 4000 mm
Depth 600 mm
Depth with machinery 1020 mm

Height 945 mm
Width 705 mm
Depth 905 mm

Pipe DN150
Vertical piping up to 6 m
Funnel diameter 500 mm
Funnel height 815 mm

Height 2320 mm
Width 3820 mm
Depth 2325 mm

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