Tapiola city centre in Espoo, Finland is undergoing regeneration and there will be a minimal need for waste truck traffic, since MariMatic® Ltd supplied MetroTaifun® Automated Waste Collection System for transporting solid and food waste into the large containers using strong vacuum air flow. The system was introduced in April 2016 to serve the shopping centre AINOA in waste handling. The Waste Collection System will expand to serve also the other business buildings and the apartments located on their upper floors according to the regional construction.

In Tapiola's AINOA shopping centre, also the collection of food waste is combined to the solid waste collection system. The solid waste is sorted when entering it into the wall-mounted hatches. Restaurants’ food waste is entered into a hygienic tank. In both cases, a strong vacuum air flow draws the different waste fractions through a closed pipe network to large waste containers, where the waste ends up tightly compacted. Waste station is located 25 meters underground in the Tapiola Park 2 maintenance hall. The automated waste collection ensures that the obstructive traditional waste bins shuttling back and forth is avoided in AINOA’s facilities, as well as garbage truck traffic in Tapiola City Centre.

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MetroTaifun Automatic Solid Waste Collection System has been specifically designed for subterranean conveyance of solid municipal waste, both commercial waste and household waste. Taifun Vacuum Conveying System has been developed for transportation of by-products and waste in food industry. Together they comprise a comprehensive solution for waste handling challenges in various city surroundings and buildings.

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