Taifun Kitchen references

Health Care
Myyrmäki Care Home (Vantaa, Finland)
Puolarmetsä Hospital (Espoo, Finland)
Reumasäätiö Hospital (Finland)
Salo hospital (Finland)

Åland Health Care Center (Mariehamn, Finland)

Central Kitchens
Evolution Tower (Russia)
Balas Bahey (France)
CNP (France)

G'fresh Salads Ltd. (UK)
Hopunkallio School (Sastamala, Finland)
Kapyysi Central Kitchen (Kotka, Finland)
Marcoule (France)
Niinisalo Garrison (Finland)
Sberbank City (Moscow, Russia)
Vuores school (Finland)

Shopping Malls and Food Courts
AINOA Shopping Center (Espoo, Finland)
Iso Omena, (Espoo, Finland)
Tripla (Finland)
VTB Arena Park Sports and Entertainment Center (Moscow, Russia)

Ship Galleys
Over 30 food waste management systems installed to ship galleys. Take a look at our Taifun vacuum conveying referencies in marine galleys.


Marine Kotisivu


Taifun selected references

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